Wednesday, December 31, 2014

badideas 2014

Bad ideas, brain farts, no filter, 2014
    sayit-- (greeting card captions)
    • What's the dream? Just resolve and deposit as much material as you can.
    • Why is erotic fiction so good? Because it's erotic!
    • Sell a process. Outsource the service. Or the other way around.
    • For good hygiene always shoot the messenger.
    • The most powerful tool is an old white man in a dull suit.
    • Get over yourself you over privileged cry baby.
    • The zombie bogan apocalypse will stop the boats.
    • Cornelius Poppingcorn invented popcorn.
    • WWJSD: What Would Jimmy Savil Do? Probably something inappropriate.
    • Powerful people never yield, especially not to other powerful people.
    • What is the amnesia association oxymoron?
    • The January Recession for small business happens every January.
    • The best thing about winning is that people see it.
    • The good thing about art products is that you can discard them when interest expires, and get new ones. This may not be the case for cultural heritage, but there is a blurred line between collecting and hoarding.
    • What makes fine art so fine is the tediousness of the production process, like painting over a very large canvas surface with a very small brush.
    • rebooteverything dot com
    • De-hoard what does not contribute to your productivity.
    • Be able to materialize anything anytime using any available technology, that's what you can do with money if you believe it.
    • Create a platform, or hijack one.
    • Creatures of habit fail to move away from harm within any contemporaneous generation.
    • The common ground between Android people and iPhone people is normal Alexander Graham Bell the telephony app and the telegram-like SMS app.
    • When you crack the code candy falls out?
    • Joy fever leads to joy madness?
    • Place yourself in the way of opportunities?
    • Scale by cloning capacity and consolidating knowledge?
    • Change poverty, underemployment, and social issues by relevant recruitment?
    • Generated filigree?
    • Fresh kitsch?
    • Pretend fantasies?
    • Communicate faster?
    • Aim to steal business from the biggest?
    • Hire employers based on the expected speed to spin off your own entity.
    • When you notice that you had become rigid, break habits and undertake creative reconstruction.
    • Is your wealth manager working for you or the other way around, or would you be better off with an average stock pickin chicken?
    • Security and free-fall can be confusing.
    • I'm waiting for these nice people to go away.
    • Junk weekly mag?
    • State hacking?
    • We do not destroy, we transform.
    • What what separates the soup nazi from the stew nazi is thickness and chunks.
    • Understand what you are offering in making digital content?
    • Saving species gets easier the fewer there are of them.
    badidea --
    • On Kickstarter for anything: The War Chest for Unification / Game-changers / Friendship and Followers / Geopolitical change
    • DIY: make a sweater from a towel, make a suit jacket and pants from a towel, coat too, or use a bath robe
    • On FMCG: Deposit material to anywhere for a modest gain.
    • On relocating: Avoid real estate blockers and rent seekers. Prep to operate from anywhere.
    • On hyper cities; Increase economic activity density
    • DIY: A sculpture with photo prints, with a wire frame held together by black gaffa tape at the vertex, bull clips holding the prints, a tripod holding up the frame
    • Local Fashion project: based in any inner city, fortnights design schedule, with new lines exhibition openings every fortnight, open to designers and models, hole in the wall popup outlet, open during show evenings only, else via the internet; use open designs only; produce on demand.
    • On the decline of libraries: Make them more useful by turning them into useful free work spaces. Workspaces are sticky. There needs to be useful fast free wifi, cheap printing, and spaces with different atmospheres. Would be ruined by red tape and under supply.
    • video-script: Say a line like "A pizza with alada sausage" by different characters, with innuendo.
    • On affordable housing: dormitories for the humble servants, humble servant of the people, who aside from working all day, also require safety, sleep, utilities, and minimum food.
    • On poverty: In the longer term end poverty by ending scarcity (startrek). In the meantime end poverty by ending the immigration blockade. Allow people to move from low opportunity locations to high opportunity locations (hyper cities). Induce the rise of powerful hyper city sovereign states that are opportunity engines. Allow people to place themselves within opportunity's reach. Incumbent sovereign nations are maintaining scarcity that favors incumbents, which historically is always a long term loosing proposition that is innovated away from.
    • On abstraction: Model innovation and scalablity with folding surfaces to apply the benefit of an extra dimension. Test your idea against the folding abstraction.
    • On trend spotting: collect and create logos that says misanthropy friendly
    • Infotainment is for inspiration to work harder and retain commitment to continuity. Otherwise the only thing open to innovation is working on the efficiency of supply chains. So bring concept to the screen faster.
    • On general business development: Pull organic sales via shop front and push repeat sales via EDM
    • Other odd ideas in pictures:

    coined words --
    • [what did one snake say to the other,] hhhheh
    • Sparkles of mayhem
    • Look At All The Fucks I Give [via a greeting card from the sound of music]
    • Cornelius Poppingcorn
    • You snooze you loose
    • Nothing weird
    • Wink
    • Norbit the Elf
    • Cheeky bugga
    • That's the Savile ... What would Jimmy do?
    • The xmas ham and the xmas worm
    • Bin Cheese

    Friday, December 12, 2014

    Art Rules 2014 at Hazelhurst

    Hot on the trail of the artist know as NOT ( 8not8 ) had to see the Glazed and Confused group exhibition at Hazelhurst Gallery. Upon arrival, I got quite taken by the concurrent Art Rules exhibition, showing some stunning student work, prepared for their HSC.


    Tuesday, December 09, 2014

    Google Cardboard

    When asked, "Hey Bob, what's that?" I say to them "It's a high tech cardboard box". Although Google Cardboard was released a while ago, I forgot all about it until it blipped on my radar recently and I got a basic kit on ebay for $3.

    The Cardboard App is the obvious choice, but there is more fun experiments, just google it.

    Monday, December 08, 2014

    Kogan Agora 4G

    Initially I got one of these for myself. It represented and proved awesome value.

    Then I tried to sell bb onto it, but it was too boring and black. Then I sold my mother onto it to replace her aging galaxy note 1. Then the spec upgrade came out, in white, and I sold bb onto it. This android is a rebellion against flagships.

    The story is junk, and applies to thousands of people I'm sure, but this is mine.

    BTW, this phone replaces my Nexus 4, which suffered the misfortune of having had been dropped and cracking the screen.


    • Model KHPHN4GQCA
    • Display 720x1280 5.0" IPS (HD 1K 293ppi)
    • Cameras 8Mp 2Mp
    • Processor Snapdragon 400 MSM8926 Cortex A7 Quad-core 1.2GHz GPU Adreno 305
    • Android 4.4
    • RAM 1GB
    • Flash 8GB, Card Slot Micro SD up to 64GB
    • Network 2G 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G 850 / 900 / 2100 4G 900 / 1800 / 700 Bluetooth 4 Micro SIM USB2 WiFi b/g/n
    • Battery 2520mAh
    • Dimensions 14.3x7.3x0.9cm 135g

    since unboxing, 2 upgrades came through but still only 4.4.2 to 4.4.2