Sunday, December 30, 2012

Enmore gawking

An old school triptych.

Nonchalant on a red giant -- how it's done.

Comet-man flying like a comet.

This dude's pimped electrified ride was spotted before, parked at ARC.

And then there was the non-electric doppelgänger.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

mini vs micro bike pump

I am annoyed that there is no user friendly way to get a spare part for my bike pump. I am referring to the twisty nut part that is used to swap the valve interface at the business end of the pump.

Said that, the occasion gave me an excuse purchase a new pump, smaller than the one before, via ebay hence for cheap.

But I mean really, should one bother the global supply chain system about a small non essential part, to do with a $12 complete gadget? I think not, for a volume of reasons. And the upgrade does make my life easier and more happily enjoyed.

The following, in order are:
  1. pen, for size reference
  2. new pump, the compact Giyo GM-42 Pocket Mini Pump W/Lockable Handle
  3. old pump with the missing front bit, Giyo GP-09 Alum Mini Pump W/T Handle
[btw, the missing front bit was later found at the bottom of my bag -- who would have thought]

Friday, December 07, 2012

Magnificent Revolution at The Rocks meetup ride

On Friday we went to see Magnificent Revolution. Met at Sydney Town Hall steps, and then the gang rode to The Rocks.

The bike powered cinema had 2 banks of 4 bikes. Each bike was coupled to a 200W motor, from electric scooters. Each bank of 4 fed into a separate deep cycle battery. The batteries operate a consumer grade digital projector and audio.

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