Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glebe Street Fair 2008

sorry, this is out of sequence and a year late, but i want the whole 3 years in a row set (2007 2008 2009) blogged just to be consistent -- show all

Monday, November 16, 2009

Glebe Street Fair 2009

A column of people all the way up the street

Free Water, Free Random Stuff, Free Advice

Free Computer, Free Uno Game


oh the catwalk

on the catwalk

stuff to buy

ends in The Lansdowne Hotel and beer

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eating seaweed

Since about September, been big on seaweed; Nori, Wakame, Kombu, also tried others, and good soy sauce. Now giving it a break somewhat.

My favorite is seaweed salad (soaked wakame, chopped red onion, soy sauce, olive oil) wrapped in nori. It is not too filling and very wet. Messy to cut.

Tofu and rice wrapped in nori.

Nori with curry rice.

I don't quite remember, but it looks like soaking kombu. also cooked kombu with rice.

Seaweed salad: seaweed (soaked and rinsed), onion, tomato, lemon grass, chili, curry powder, secret ingredient (leftover samosa dipping sauce), cooked for 20 minutes -- separate broth -- rice cooked separately -- served : broth soup in a cup; rice topped with seaweed, garnished with olive oil (cold pressed) and soy sauce -- opinion: OK -- notable: seaweed texture is slimy and pasta like; distinct medium mild smell and aftertaste (especially if having had drank the cup of broth first); good cooking adventure meal. Photos show the start of the preparation.

Seaweed shoots: eat uncooked (soak, then rinse otherwise may be too salty, especially if had with soy sauce), with cooked rice and garnish (olive oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds if you got them), 4 big servings -- stringy and chewy -- advice: chop it up first else long strings are awkward to eat gracefully. If you are lucky then you might be able to get the thin type, which is better.

Salad: tofu, seaweed, tomato, etc

Revision 2010 02 28 :

  • wakame seaweed
  • red onion
  • chili
  • soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil
step 1: soak the wakame for 10 minutes, then add the rest of the ingredients

step 2: blend

step 3: apply blended mass to nori sheet and roll it up

step 4: chill the SEAWEED ROLL in a freezer for 10 minutes or else set it aside for 20 minutes in a cool place. Serve whole, avoid cutting as it could get messy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some of my recent stuff

An arbitrary cross section of recent stuff that I got.

LED 1xAA flashlight
Korean shop for kimchi
World Square
pink ribbon day
received bathrobe gift
another Lush solid perfume, this time The Comforter
soy miso paste for miso soup and miso anything

The Prince

I picked up The Prince because it was thin, cheap, and likely to entertain me while killing time on a plane between LA and Sydney.

This is the one to do with Machiavelli -- it is better to be feared than loved.

Finished reading it about a week ago. I feel more smug.

There is an ebook.