Sunday, December 17, 2006

Animal Liberation xmas dinner 2006

On Saturday, went to the Animal Liberation xmas dinner at Pitt Street Vegetarian Restaurant (238-242 Pitt St Sydney map). Afterwards we all went to The Windsor for some drinks.

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sydney au 20061216 animal liberation xmas dinner

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Yesterday during chit chat, it occurred to me that al is 3 pronged:
  • curbing supply - managing offending producers [this is where al members are]; this is grass roots, and initiates the rest
  • curbing demand - vegan and changing consumerism; similar to treehuggers [the silent numbers of people not associated, also marketing groups like]; voting with money and buying habits on a mass scale creates sweeping differences; has vertical growth potential
  • legislation - political activism - like writing to local member of parliament, with group numbers; it closes the door on offenders
The objective of all of these loose groups is to stop what offends us morally; driven to resolve cognitive dissonance.

Also, from the chit chat about converting to vegan
  • information based on facts does not work alone to convert
  • imagery is powerful, it evokes an emotion and converts people
... therefore truthiness is real

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great contact lenses

Took out my contact lenses and discarded them today. I have been using the same set from 20050525 until now 20061214, almost 7 months. This is amazing because the product is designated to be used for only 1 month! I got a bit extra out of them for sure. The reason why I decided to break the prescribed rule is because there had not been any problem or sign of any ill or discomfort whatsoever. In the past I would noticed some degradation of the lens, like hardening or a chip, but this time there was nothing of the kind. Right now I will will be using my old spectacles for a change, figuring on giving the eyeballs some rest.

I am currently using Bausch and Lomb PureVision balafilcon A (whatever that means). Fantastic product. Zero maintenance. Just pop them in and leave them alone. I used to use Clean and Blink cleaning and lubricating drops daily, but there was a contamination scare earlier this year so I stopped using that product and never got back to it. So for the duration of this past 7 months I pretty much did zero amount of maintenance to the lenses, leaving them in my eyes 24/7. I would recommend the PureVision to any bespectacled geek. The convenience and value is life changing.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beware of the Pigman

About naming and shaming ...

This humanista will eat anything so long as it is wrapped in a pretty wrapper.

He considers himself to be informed of animal cruelty and supporting it financially with every happy meal, while claiming not to be a sociopath. Cognitive dissonance does not confuse him easily.

Ask him to declare his manifesto position: are you uninformed about your food or are you just callous? Expect a nonsense answer. I think it has something to do with misinformation and cultural bias towards bacon and other atrocities because most people want to be good and smart. Bad cultural norms can be a bitch to redress.