Sunday, December 17, 2006

Animal Liberation xmas dinner 2006

On Saturday, went to the Animal Liberation xmas dinner at Pitt Street Vegetarian Restaurant (238-242 Pitt St Sydney map). Afterwards we all went to The Windsor for some drinks.

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sydney au 20061216 animal liberation xmas dinner

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Yesterday during chit chat, it occurred to me that al is 3 pronged:
  • curbing supply - managing offending producers [this is where al members are]; this is grass roots, and initiates the rest
  • curbing demand - vegan and changing consumerism; similar to treehuggers [the silent numbers of people not associated, also marketing groups like]; voting with money and buying habits on a mass scale creates sweeping differences; has vertical growth potential
  • legislation - political activism - like writing to local member of parliament, with group numbers; it closes the door on offenders
The objective of all of these loose groups is to stop what offends us morally; driven to resolve cognitive dissonance.

Also, from the chit chat about converting to vegan
  • information based on facts does not work alone to convert
  • imagery is powerful, it evokes an emotion and converts people
... therefore truthiness is real

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great contact lenses

Took out my contact lenses and discarded them today. I have been using the same set from 20050525 until now 20061214, almost 7 months. This is amazing because the product is designated to be used for only 1 month! I got a bit extra out of them for sure. The reason why I decided to break the prescribed rule is because there had not been any problem or sign of any ill or discomfort whatsoever. In the past I would noticed some degradation of the lens, like hardening or a chip, but this time there was nothing of the kind. Right now I will will be using my old spectacles for a change, figuring on giving the eyeballs some rest.

I am currently using Bausch and Lomb PureVision balafilcon A (whatever that means). Fantastic product. Zero maintenance. Just pop them in and leave them alone. I used to use Clean and Blink cleaning and lubricating drops daily, but there was a contamination scare earlier this year so I stopped using that product and never got back to it. So for the duration of this past 7 months I pretty much did zero amount of maintenance to the lenses, leaving them in my eyes 24/7. I would recommend the PureVision to any bespectacled geek. The convenience and value is life changing.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beware of the Pigman

About naming and shaming ...

This humanista will eat anything so long as it is wrapped in a pretty wrapper.

He considers himself to be informed of animal cruelty and supporting it financially with every happy meal, while claiming not to be a sociopath. Cognitive dissonance does not confuse him easily.

Ask him to declare his manifesto position: are you uninformed about your food or are you just callous? Expect a nonsense answer. I think it has something to do with misinformation and cultural bias towards bacon and other atrocities because most people want to be good and smart. Bad cultural norms can be a bitch to redress.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Elections USA 2006

Americans choose Democrats - According to exit polls, nearly 40 per cent of voters said they were consciously voting against the President and his numerous failed policies and national misadventures.

On another note completely, going to the supermarket and picking up a bottle of uber dry 2003 Shiraz for $4.78 is priceless!

And then there was Bikini News on youtube. What is there not to like?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Goodbye Goulburn

I was sitting in my 113 Communication in Policing tutorial and it clicked: I must withdraw from this course immediately. At the end of the tutorial, I thanked the man instructing the class, went up to the administration office, and completed the one page exit survey. The events leading up to this had been some 48 hours in the making, and maybe 2 weeks coming into formation. Regardless of the specifics, I can not apply myself properly to the study pace. My bad habits had proved themselves to be in the way. Also, what really tied it up for me nicely at the end was what was demonstrated in the 113 tutorial: I will probably never be able to communicate at the level required to complete the Constable Education Program, and then to go on and be a cop. I just don’t have the basic stuff to do this type of course or this type of work. And then there was the waste of paperwork and time that it took to get into the course, and the HECS debt of something like a grand that will need to be addressed when I eventually find gainful employment. But never mind all of that as it is not the end of the world. It may just as well be a good thing that I stop this now rather than investing any more effort into something that will not work out for me in the long run. On the up side, this episode was an AMAZING 4 week experience like nothing that I had done before, and a hell of a lot of fun!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Acer Aspire laptop Loss prevention

In a hopeful forward thought, I personalized my laptop by unmistakably scratching up the lid with my name. This will should make a cheap, beaten up, optical drive removed, entry level Acer laptop highly undesirable to most kleptomaniacs, surely. Mark your stuff people.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trevor birthday card 1999

This entry is a 2013 revision, but better late than never

Sydney Traffic Widget

In mid 2005 I ran into a product called The Konfabulater. I heard about it in the news blurbs that said that it was acquired by Yahoo. By late 2005 it become known as Yahoo Widget Engine and it seems to be integrated into the Yahoo universe. Anyway, after playing around with it like any other user I too had found it neat. One night, I don’t remember what came over me I developed a widget of my own, and that’s how the Sydney Traffic Widget came to be. It is essentially a clean webcam viewer that peeks into, as the name implies, Sydney Traffic. The source of the updated pictures comes from the RTA cameras. To make it work you need to be running the widget engine. Then you can download Sydney Traffic Widget and start gawking.
  • window size: 160×120, 32×240, 384×284, 640×480
  • camera location: all cameras, Sydney CBD only, North only, West only; there are 10 cameras in 4 sets
  • rotation: 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 seconds; the time delay to fetch the next image
  • wallpaper: yes, no; this is a great feature that updates the current desktop wallpaper to the current webcam image
  • proxy: for users behind an aggressive corporate firewall
  • [20060513] Recently someone posted a comment against the widget saying that it is busted. I had a look (had to download and reinstall the widget engine as I do not use it at this time) and found that the unresponsiveness in between shots is annoying. I had not noticed it when I posted the last version as at the time I was on a 1.5Mbs ADSL connection but currently enjoying a fraction of my former speed, at 64kbs, the click delays give the impression of the widget freezing up. Maybe that was the problem with the last comment poster.

first entry

Hello world. This is me.

Woo hoo! After a hard slog most of this morning, my migration to is complete. It's good bye wordpress for now (see previous post for reason). All previous posts were moved as a whole to Old Blog. Pages were converted to posts; About Me, To Do, Sydney Traffic Widget. Decided to keep the Incoherence page off the table for now since most of it is nutty gripes anyway that should have been put as posts rather than in to a page anyway.